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A 16 inch bicycle like no other.

With it’s light weight magnesium frame and sportive aerodynamic design, you can be sure to turn heads wherever you ride.

This bicycle comes with a fully encased chain system, a matching magnesium fork, and can be fitted with spokes wheels, or the specially designed Magnesium wheels.  

Color options


Part No.: MB07 

Frame materials: Magnesium

Fork materials: Magnesium

Wheels size: 16 inch/ 18 inch

Wheels: Spokes wheels

Rim: Aluminium rim

Hub: Iron ball bearing

Brake F/B: Disk brake

N.W.: 7.66 kg (16 inch)/ 9.1 kg (18 inch)

G.W.: 11.6 kg (16inch)/ 13.3 kg (18 inch)

Packaging size: 1150*180*600mm (16 inch)/ 1300*180*690mm (18 inch)

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