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Montasen was born in 2017, by people who are both passionate about riding, and have deep experience in the bicycle industry, with the goal to deliver the perfect riding experience for riders of all ages.

As a young design oriented brand, we make it our goal to push limits and set new standards with our innovative technology, high quality products and attentive customer service. 

We at the MONTASEN family work hard to make sure you will have the best riding experience, and invite you to join us and make MONTASEN part of your story.


It all starts with an Idea, a need or a request.  

For our bicycle design and engineering, MONTASEN partnered with GIAYO DESIGN to work closely with it's R&D department. Together, we will go through a fascinating process of research and development to create exciting new concepts.

The selected concepts are then further developed and improved into complete products ready for production.  

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Production and assembly

We manage and oversee our entire production process and demand nothing but the highest quality throughout the entire supply chain. 

Our assembly lines are located right under the company's headquarters in Shanghai. This is how important this process is for us and show how much we emphasize on quality control. We have strict requirements on every step of the way so we can provide the highest level of products for our clients.       

Storage and logistics

After production and assembly, all our products are carefully stored in our 20,000 SQM logistic center in Shanghai. From here they will be sorted and delivered to our clients around the world.