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MONTASEN products are all designed and engineered in collaboration with GIAYO DESIGN, an independent design and engineering studio based in Shanghai.

Every new design is a result of the hard work of our international team of industrial designer, graphic designers and engineers, dedicated to the creation of exciting, desirable products.

We breath and live bicycles. As a hobby, as a job, as a mission. So when we start a new design, we approach it with passion and excitement, constantly searching creative ways to give life to our ideas. 

First as a sketch, then as a 3D and moving on to a physical sample. every step is being tested, trialed and challenged to make sure it meets our high requirements, and the standard that we promise to our clients.  

Each and every one of our designs is carrying the unique DNA of MONTASEN. A well based DNA that has evolved after years of experience designing bicycles, in which we have developed and improved every aspect of our products from production to function. 

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