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The MB10 is our new 20 inch front suspension bicycle. Made out of a single die casted Magnesium mold, it is both strong and lightweight. This sportive looking frame with its aerodynamic lines, coupled with the careful paint job and details, is sure to stand out in the crowd. 

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Part No.: MB10 

Frame materials: Magnesium

Front fork: Spring suspension fork

Wheels size: 18 inch/ 20 inch/ 22 inch

Wheels: CST 1.95 spokes wheels

Hub: Aluminum double bearing hub 

Shifters: Shimano RS-35-75

Brake F/B: Mechanical disk brake

Handlebar: Aluminum upright handlebar

Cassette: ATA 14-28T

N.W.: 11.2 kg (18 inch)/ 11.9 kg (20 inch)/ 12.6 kg (22 inch) 

G.W.: 14.5 kg (18 inch)/ 15.5 kg (20 inch)/ 16.2 kg (22 inch)

Packaging size: 1070*220*640mm (18 inch)/ 1150*220*680mm (20 inch)/ 1220*220*720mm (22 inch)

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